Top Scorers in Football History | Most Goals in Soccer

Top Scorers in Football History

Most Goals in Soccer History. Highest goal scorer in the world

The portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time highest goal scorer in the world with 837 offical goals.

He is followed by Lionel Messi with 806 official goals.

The austrian Josef Bican closes the podium with 805 goals.

The following is a list of the top scorers in the history of soccer according to the data available.*  

⚽ Most Goals in Soccer | Top 30 Most Goals in football

1Cristiano Ronaldo83711650.722002-Act
2Lionel Messi80610260.792004-Act
3Josef Bican8055301.521931-1955
6Ferenc Puskás7417460.991943-1967
7Gerd Müller7357930.931962-1983
8Jimmy Jones6476141.051946-1965
9Abe Lenstra6456500.991936-1963
12Zlatan Ibrahimović5739860.581999-Act
13Glenn Ferguson56310470.541987-2011
14 Fernando Peyroteo5583541.581937-1950
15 Luis Suárez5398970.602005-Act
16 Uwe Seeler5356530.821954-1978
17Jimmy McGrory5285221.011922-1937
18 Isidro Lángara5254371.201930-1948
19Alfredo Di Stéfano5237390.711945-1966
20 Zico5237730.681971-1994
21 Hugo Sánchez5168830.581976-1997
22 Ferenc Bene5084931.031961-1985
23 Roberto Dinamite5078390.601971-1992
24 Jef Mermans5006290.791937-1960
25 Gunnar Nordahl4985480.911937-1958
26 Johan Cruyff4937120.691964-1984
27Ali Ashfaq4895670.862001-Act
28 Stjepan Bobek4805540.871944-1959
29 Imre Schlosser4753881.221905-1922
30 Henrik Larsson4718740.541988-2010
31 Jimmy Greaves4666610.701957-1979
32 Delio Onnis4617090.651966-1986
33 Karim Benzema4558870.512005-Act
34 Sándor Kocsis4514700.961943-1965
35 Alberto Spencer4506570.681953-1972
36 Gyula Zsengellér4484331.031933-1952
37 Rivaldo44610330.431989-2015
38Aleksandar Đurić4437330.601994-2014
39 Dixie Dean4426010.741923-1940
40 Edinson Cavani4378010.552005-Act
41 Neymar4367080.622009-Act
42 Sebastián Abreu4358520.511994-2021
43 Raúl González43210340.421994-2015
44 Nazário4296230.691993-2011
45 Sergio Agüero4277860.542003-2021
46 David Villa4278260.522000-2020
47 Samuel Eto’o4278870.481997-2019
48 Hans Krankl4255870.721970-1989
49 Carlos Bianchi4245860.721967-1984
50 József Takacs4183881.081917-1934


*Note: Statistics updated May 2023.  Goals and matches in youth categories (club or national team) and friendlies are not counted. If the goals in friendlies with the senior national teams are counted.

The top goal scorers of all time | Who has scored the most goals in football history

Sources: FIFA y Sport Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF) and

⭐ FIFA World Cup Winners List -1930 to 2022

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Chu pa

Messi 762 goal in 967 game – 762/967 = 0.78

-.- you guys are everywere


I would take Pele over anyone. When you start playing more games in a season by the time you are done with your career you will naturally score more than others from earlier times. Hence Pele scored just about a goal a match. American football has that same thing going

Ernest Kobena Ampah

Josef Bican is just amazing playing 530 matches and then scoring 805 goals is really incredible and still in the second place as compared to C Ronaldo who has played 1120 matches leading him by some little goals


Joest Bican played in weak league
Critiano played in England,Spain,Italy league and he is the top scorer of UCL


Well… none of them could beat England (where football was invented) at home. Only Puskás could.

Robin Amann

Hello, Lewandowski is at 616 Goals as of 29th of August 2022, now at 620 or 622. So its a lil bit wrong.

Source: FC


Thank You that sounds right


Olvidaron a Fernando Peyroteo, que marcó 558 goles en 354 apariciones con el Sporting de Portugal y la selección portuguesa y paró de jugar con tan sólo 30 anos.
Source: wikipedia

Last edited 7 months ago by Takini

Lewandowski scored 603 goals
please correct
thank you

amit kumar

Sunil Chhetri from India has scored more goals than many on the list. Add him also


Who is Sunil Chhetri ?

Dr. Awesome

Classic Chhetri! After Ronaldo & Messi, Chhetri placed third in Top Active International Goalscorer- KreedOn Banter


Chetrri never played in Europe


It’s crazy how overlooked Lewandowski is because Messi and Ronaldo are from the same era


1:Hassan Abdikariim Axmed : 500


Plz help meh

ogundeyi Joseph olakunle aka oniduro 1

I am interested on it


Okay he is really godly good

Sydney Randolph

Change it to Men, because there are multiple woman soccer player that have scored well above Cristano Ronaldo. For starters Christine Sinclair has scored 190 goals compared to Ronaldo’s 118. So if you could recognize women in this list that’s would be inclusive and accurate or just change it to men’s highest international scorer in football.


That is just international team goals.
This list includes club goals as well.
Sinclair is not in the top 50 in this list.


Actually it’s Christine Sinclair 190 goals.


That is national goals only.
She does not have enough total goals to make it on this list.






Bro were is sunil chhetri


Some days ago you wrote that Messi had scored 799 goals. Now you change it to 798 again. Why?


cristiano ronaldo eis the most player ever


Why is messi’s name highlited


Where is Abe Lenstra from the Netherlands?


Lewandowski has passed more than 600 goals. Please give him credit. Wikipedia not a reliable source. Transfermarkt is a 100% safe source for active players


Where is Sunil chhetri?? He is 2nd highest active goal scorer after Ronaldo. You should collect information before posting something bro …


Buscan is in a weak league. Messi played in la ligament and liege a little bit and Ronaldo has played in premier league, la lugs, serie A and Portuguese league for a bit. Both have played in ucl as well and buscan has bad stats for a bad team just in an easy league


Did Ronaldo’s goals at saudi arabia league count?